Yahoo Answers Being Updated

It’s about time that once a thrashing search engine and even more importantly most popular Q & A forum over the cyber space Yahoo has decided to modernize its website according to SEO needs and local search results. That came with an announcement by yahoo that it was putting in action a refined user experience and it also includes optimization for mobile.

Even in a wrecked state Yahoo Answers is most successful “help engine” as termed by Search engine land blog which have beaten the hell out of the Google’s paid answers property. Through years passed, yahoo have neglected many of its services and more specifically its more efficient one being the Answers was seemed to be something that Yahoo itself was least interested to optimize.

The New CEO and President, Mayer, is updating and working rigorously on various products and pushing hard to get the Yahoo effect back into game and this time specifically for Mobile. Its just like a renovation a house goes through after years of neglect and Answers is surely the right and lucky choice made.

yahoo Yahoo Answers Being Updated

Some of the stated changes in Yahoo Answers include more socializing, ability to upload images and videos for more clarity and most of all to make the website more and more user friendly. It can be easily said that Answers is actually Yahoo’s own version of Social network and all it needed was to realize this fact and they might have come home with the idea.

There can be still a need for greater search volumes, overall traffic, engagement of users and contextually relevant display. Adding to its SEO properties so that it gets to be listed more and more on the search engine rankings