Writing Great Content

Content is given high esteem in the field of SEO and online marketing and it is repeated every once in a while that a greater and loyal audience and base of potential customers can be created with the help of content that is both helpful in making the information available regarding the product and creating regular market analysis of the subsequent industry. But key is “Great” content but it is not written on its own and in order to create such master pieces there are few tips and they are listed below

Knowing the searching points of your targeted audience

Understanding the searching point of your audience can really help you to get into their head and you’ll be in a better position to write a content that fits their needs and explain the kind of product you are offering and the kind of industry/services they were actually looking for.

Simplest methods can be utilized to look for the type of queries made in a specific field of expertise by targeted audience. It gives them the sneak peek into the content requirements with the information of phrases being written down in the search bars of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Ubersugget is a great tool to help you understand what consumers are searching for.

content 1 Writing Great Content

Google Keyword Planner is another tool that can come very handy when planning for writing content and it can give you insight and ideas for writing content about a typical audience of a specific industry. Adwords account is essential but off course it’s for free. It has the unique feature that even the most in experienced content writer can look for the most amazing themes in this tool.

content 2 Writing Great Content


Look through the Toppers

It’s even better if you go through the SERP and surf around the pages of your related filed or industry and get ideas about the type of content that has made those sites to star at the top of the lists.

Look for answers of following question for yourself

  • What kind of content is there?
  • What kind content ISN’T there?
  • What type of format Content is following?



Hunting for Social Feed

Social Networks might have changed the type of lifestyle we live and the kind of interaction we have with our friends and family but they can also help you to get into the type of thinking people have and what kind of information they seek from a particular website or the type of services they are interested in. There grievances about previous companies of your industry, the kind of benefits think of your filed or the type of apprehensions they might find out about your specific industry.

content 3 Writing Great Content

This can easily help you to devise a strategy centered upon the real time and real life experience of those who are you actually going to target through your content. You’ll feel a personal touch in your content with all those who are going to read your content and trust me when I say that audience’s “relating to content” is the real success of any content writer.

content 4 Writing Great Content


Creativity can never be achieved without inspiration and its true even for a content writer who is tasked to write both fresh and attractive content all the time as they are considered to be the real “Brains” of any marketing campaign because rest are following more or less the same methods no matter what filed or industry they have to market.