WHY to spend on SEO?

With May 22 Penguin update Google has put on some Dramatic changes to resulting into challenges for small business websites resulting into drop in traffic. There was a relative revival of traffic with a Panda softening from Google forcing many webmasters to make shifts into their strategies for SEO.

Some businesses are moving to low standard of SEO but in a long run this is going to cause them much more drop in traffic as long as they carry on to resist increasing the SEO budget, Now let us help the small business owners to understand the need for greater spending on the  SEO.

  1. It is what Google Wants Sadly there are false claims that SEO is a mere PR but actually Google has made it more than clear on more than one occasions that methods of SEO from 2008 are “ancient” and are no longer applicable. Some of the Don’ts  include stuff like content spinning, excessive bookmarks, paid links, duplicate content and stuffing of Keyword. Quality is real WIN for Google and real demand on behalf of the best Search Engine in the world.
  2. Recovering is costly Many sites might have recovered from Penguin slap downs but every case study is different with everyone working out its own way to the recovery. Onsite SEO is best methods to recover by putting yourself on track with the Guidelines of webmaster. Removal of Duplicate content is even more important. Methods like Thin content , bad link building is relatively hard to fix and need a whole lot of work. You really need to stop playing foul and start experimenting with newsjacking because methods of recovery cost a lot more then what is spent on actual healthy SEO.
  3. SEO is simple Marketing Main problem with small business owners was that it was hiring firms without much of a thought about performance monitoring and accountability. This is a main breech of outsourcing services. With every other department, SEO is just another name of marketing and equal care should be taken regarding the targeted strategies and their outcome results should be analyzed with equal concern.
  4. SEO gains are High Most credible data still suggests that SEO has great success and profit promised with it. This makes Small businesses to avoid looking for cheapest SEO vendor and should start thinking about the profit they can make on spending more on efficient SEO. Here are some benefits
    cost-per-lead is Attractive
    Efficient integrated marketing strategies