Why SEO for Mobile Sites?

Now with the dawn of modern day mobile technology, surfing on internet has taken a whole new turn. Searches have shown that in the recent years amount of web traffic has grown manifold and chief cause I stated as increased number of Smart Phone users. Mobile phones give you a chance to use internet even when you are at a Go. In a subway station or flying into skies, waiting for a meeting or just walking to your Gym, mobile phones have brought the cyber space right into your pockets and hands.

Now all these Mobile websites have specific coding and with expansion of traffic they receive, it is need of SEO industry to start focusing on the SEO solution for Mobile websites as well. Most of the clients might think it unsatisfactory but it is vigilance and your passion for the filed that can surely sweep them off their feet. To bring in the change in attitude and filed of SEO for mobile sites, you have to

  • Persuade important partners that change is direly needed.
  • Gather knowledge about problem at hand, solutions possible and strategy to achieve those solutions
  • Implementation of strategy with full dedication

Now your potential clients might ask or may be your own fellow in the SEO industry, that what is the real need of SEO for mobile websites?

Mobile traffic and business related to mobile websites have grown to whole new level.

At the start of 2012 only 10% of the traffic was mobile traffic on websites but it has grown into double in just one year.

For ecommerce

There is lot of debate going about the conversion of websites into mobile form mainly due to following reasons

  1. It’s new, so customers haven’t adjusted to how they’re going to use their new mobile devices yet
  2. It’s new, so companies haven’t built sites that visitors want to buy from yet
  3. New companies who are putting a lot of emphasis are getting amazing results, like Gilt and Fab, but larger online retailers, like Amazon, aren’t selling much on mobile, even if they have great mobile sites.

According to Google, 35% of mobile visitors in 2012 have made a purchase on a Smartphone. mobile visitors are half as likely to buy online as desktop users already, and as the web becomes more mobile-friendly and people get more used to relying on their phones for purchases, that number is only going to increase

For offline companies

If you have a company without the facility of selling online then it ultimately makes mobile more important. 70% shoppers during 2012 used a mobile phone while shopping through the holiday season and 62% of these came to know of the stores or apps through online content and websites. So just In case you are working for a retailer who can make offline sales then make a website with offerings like coupons, reviews and details of products.

So just when you have made your customers to pursue for a mobile website then start looking on marketing part as well.