What to do with 404

Mistakes are obvious. Either someone typed a wrong URL or may be because you didn’t link back an already existing page in a wrong way a 404 is the destination. Usually shown when a server can’t find the right page, 404 is mostly seen as something to a techno problem and marketers wave their hands off the responsibility of doing anything about it.

It’s a must that something is done about 404 otherwise you are going to suffer from its dark sides very soon. Let look on their potential hazards and the kind of strategy that can be used against them.

Putting Limit to Damage Caused Curiously enough 404 are something that we even need at time. Even after a complete revamp of the linking structure, users shall still exist who’ll type wrong URL’s to your website.

Control over the Links shown by different websites is minimal until and unless you show them something that is more appropriate in order to link back to your website. This might be even much more embarrassing if someone is redirected from your own page to 404 pages when visitor wanted to room over to another page of your site but this can be controlled by 404 Checker which can not only detect such faulty pages but can also link them up with right internal pages.

SEO Some of the page owners or SEO might use 301 redirect to redirect them to the Homepage instead of showing them 404 pages. It might seem a nice troubleshooting tactic but from the point of view of an incoming user this is not the right choice that he’ll need. So next time you have to put a 301 redirect to a page that yields a lot of authority then you must better use another alternative page to get the Search engine and other people redirected to  some other page carrying authority rather than to be redirected to the Home page.

The Right 404 Page it’s a page just like many on your website and is also liable of editing from you and can be utilized in the best way possible for your users and yourself. Some of the methods can be

  • ·         Help Users Out: Also, make sure you tell visitors what you want them to do next! Give them a call to action. Help them find what they were looking for by either providing the most relevant links or by giving them an option to search within your site. Or, simply give them a positive experience by making them laugh or give them a game to play
  • Appearance: It needs to look the same as the rest of your site. If someone appears on a page that has none of the branding or functionality that they were expecting, they are far more likely to close the window and go back to Google. Keep them engaged by keeping your branding and appearance consistent.
  • Content: Just like any other page on your site, the tone and function of your written copy is crucial if you are going to get your visitors to take the desired action. Make sure your language is welcoming and re-assuring.