Victims of Google

One of the biggest and harsh realities that originate whenever a new update of Google rolls out is the effect is has on honest and hardworking people.

A WebmasterWorld thread has member Saffron joining the conversation stated that he was almost near to committing suicide when his started showing a steady decline after every update that was launched by Google.

He tells us his story about the reasons why he thought that he should commit and also the reason that made him to “not” kick the bucket just yet.

I can say that what happened to me this year with Google came close to suicide. I faced financial ruin. The only thing stopping me was not wanting to dump all of this onto my partner and leave my children. But there were many times I just wished I was gone. I could not cope with the desperation of not being able to pay our bills. It was horrendous. I am sorry if that breaks yet more rules or is unpalatable, but it is how it was.

He still feels he did nothing wrong and provided a good service:

I honestly believe I was just collateral damage. I had never engaged in anything dodgy on my site. My competitors were wiped out too. They just turned up the dial on a couple of “brand” sites & the rest of us lost out. The consequences were devastating.

Despite all this harsh reality, as always, there was a bright spot at the end of the tunnel. He said that he finally started to understand what should be done. He steadily went on to extract more and more money out of his website. He now understands never to relay fully upon Adsense and Organic results.

I am sorry to anybody else who has been hit. I can say that for me, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel, and Google seem to like me again. Not so much with my competitors though. I still see them nowhere.

This is not new. Google’s Penguin update led many to the same suicidal thoughts and so did AdWords advertisers who wanted to get Google’s attention.

Just so sad to see this come up so often.

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