Upgraded Site links Supported by new Google Ad words Editor

Google announced that the all new 10.2 version of Ad Words Editor has the features to support site links that are updated for superior campaigning.

Google has stated that the upgraded version of Ad words editor is the only version supporting extensive campaigns which makes it possible for them to encourage advertising. Details of the up gradation regarding the “upgraded site links” are

  • Option of copy and paste upgraded links between ad groups and campaigns.
  • Disabling at the ad group level of upgraded site links.
  • Inclusion in exports and imports of upgraded links.
  • A new extension to showcase the upgraded site links
  • Feature of starting and terminating period of your links
  • Edit, remove and add upgraded site links on Ad group level

Some extra upgraded features are

  • On the Placements tab and the Audiences tab, a new read-only “Targeting setting” column shows “Target and bid” or “Bid only.”
  • Enhanced ability of putting URL word count to a limit of 2076 from previous limit of 1024.
  • Campaigns with Automatic bidding are provided with accelerated delivery.
  • Image ad size enhanced to the limit of 150k.
  • After adding Audience tab with User lists then the new “No. of Search users” provides you with information about audience searching through your ad

Apparently many advertisers are very happy with this upgrade as they think that because “doing this in the [web] interface is a time bandit.”