Twitter’s related Headline evolving Stories

Twitter is about to launch a feature of, “Related headlines” for those who tweets something newsworthy. Twitter shall add a link with the story even if a link is not added by initiator. It was inevitable because Twitter has really become something that its user to click upon to know about the stories and news from world around or even to get the idea of a news if twitter have no specific lead over the news with heap of people tweeting about it.

Working When a news story carries a tweet, then twitter shall connect through that tweet to the story and then shall include the news story with the new links. It only shows the specific tweet’s permalink page. It doesn’t show the person who started that news story in the stream nor those who follow that person.

For the moment, Twitter seems to utilized mainstream new sources and websites to get a link of story with only 3 related headlines on the tweet page, although you would be carrying an option to be shown more links.

Example can be seen when a tweet by Jason Collins about the support he received when he came out a Gay and twitter attaches relevant headlines about the issue underneath the tweets with links from ESPN, Fox sports and Huffington Post.

twitter pic 1 Twitter’s related Headline evolving Stories

Now the actual case of interest for online marketers is that it can easily be used by Twitter for advertising. Just think if a company can embed links into its tweet about the quality r range of services provided by them. This creates a huge chance for turning related headlines into profitable ad space.

It might apparently seem good revenue generation method but tasteful ads are put around with the tweets without actually spoiling the nature of the tweet and the ad, either way. Like a news story regarding the Hunger in Africa matched with a tweet of Burger King’s awesome Deal.

This feature, on other hand, can really help twitter in expanding from mere tweeting, re-tweeting, favorites, follow and promotional tweets.