Tracking the Loss of Website Traffic after a Relaunch

Redesigning and re launching can really be an exciting time and busy equally. It plays an important role in putting the website on track of web marketing. It gives you an opportunity to shake the designs and structure of your website to the core where it is more optimized with the help of shake through the core, revamp the messagelook and feel and fore mostly modeling the website in line of enhanced SEO.

But just in case no specific pattern or vision was no involved then the benefits of re design and re launch can simply turn into disasters. It results in those waiting for higher traffic with the help of enhanced website ranking ending up in the ranks even lower than earlier.

Just to carve out the reasons for your downfall instead of magnanimous success can be counted by utilizing following methods.

Track out Google Analytics

Is there No traffic at all? May be the analytical tracking haven’t really kicked in just yet. You can have a manual check for that.

Just in case you are receiving organic traffic but in smaller amount then run the site through Analytics Checkup. It is possible that some of the portion of your site is not being rightly listed or visible for an analytical search out. A thorough study of analytics from all the pages can give you insight into your original problem.

Look for robots.txt If Analytics have cleared your website then something is surely wrong with your website, with first suspicion of deindexation.

Check the robots.txt file for “disallow: /” or look into head of page source code for a meta tab calling as nonindex. If you are crawling then surely your website shall be killed in ranking much more quickly.

Deeper look into Google Analytics Just in case all above factor show nothing of worry, then dig deeper into Google Analytics.

·         Page Names Changed During the Relaunch Was this URL rewrite architected well so that old URLs are 301 redirected to new pages? A nice starting point can be to look into the analytics of pages which have lost greater amount of traffic as compared to others.

  • Page Names Didn’t change during Re Launch Once again; Look for Organic traffic landing onto that particular webpage.  Drop shall be visible but a new dimension can be looked into by Keyword. Make a calculation of the keyword losses attached with the respective landing pages.

Don’t Forget to check into Host Servers Analytics show nothing wrong, no de-indexation issues visible and even if all the redirects are fine then only thing left to check is your Host Server.

If you have changed your communication server then maybe there is communication problems between servers and visitors creating problem for the delay in content delivery or may be timing out of content leaving search engine with no way but to reduce your ranking and probable traffic.

Run the site through Pingdom’s DNS Health and the Ping/Traceroute tool. This will help identify potential content delivery and server communication issues that may exist.