Tracking out your competitor’s Back links

Now if you are facing a competitor who is making his site or business an online success, then you have to dig through his backlinks in order to get an in depth view of their strategy and ignition start up to even your own strategy or even mapping out of a new one. There are several benchmarks depicting their strategy and by having a sneak peek into their strategy you can even out do them with even a better strategy.

Pivot tables are your tool in this act of “Espionage” and just In case you don’t’t have any idea about then check this video walkthrough.

Now, after you have acquainted yourself with the idea and activity of Pivot table here is series of Step involved to gain the access to your competitor’s strategy

Step1 Pull out all your backlinks and that of your competitors through Open Site ExplorerMajestic SEOahrefs, or whatevs. After that, sort them out in the form of a formatted table.

Step 2 Now make another column and give it the title of “Site”. Now the best way is to add domain and double click the bottom right corner of the cell that we wish to fill with the URL of the site. Repeat this activity every time you add a new batch of backlinks. At the end , you’ll be having a single table containing a mashup of backlinks.

backlinks pic 1 Tracking out your competitor’s Back links

Step 3 Backlink URLs can be used for extracting domains using functions such as SEARCH and LEFT. Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about, here is this video tutorial to help you understand it.

Step 4 Pivot Table can be made out with the help of following settings.

backlinks pic 2 Tracking out your competitor’s Back links

Step 5 In our data, 3 different values are pulled down in rows namely Domain, site and URL making your rows look lot congested and data a whole less differentiable. So we must prefer Outline Layout in order to pull multiple values into Rows filed list.