They Are Working On a New Panda Update

google panda shuffle 1374151491 They Are Working On a New Panda Update it’s finally confirmed by Google that they are working on a new Panda update about which they have to say that it is “More finely targeted.”

First released in Feb 2011 as search results ranking algorithm to lower the rank of “Thin Websites” and increase the visibility of high-traffic websites by Google in search engine’s result pages affecting 12% of all search results.

A new gossip has started to make rounds in WebmasterWorld forums that another round of changes is soon going to be set in Google. It is part of General Knowledge that Panda rollout has been slowed down by Panda and it is also certain that no more updates of Panda shall be available by Google. There was also a perception that Google was having plans about making the Algorithm of Panda a little bit easier.

Problems that forced Google for such changes are obvious as algorithms started putting websites with plagiarized material on much higher rank then those with original content. Complaints on Google’s Webforum might have made the tech-geniuses at Google to look over the prospects of softening the algorithms.

Now most of the people engaged in the Gossip over the Forum were favoring the rumors regarding the Algorithms but even most of them also maintained that Google was really pushing for recovery of Panda.

It’s not for the first time that Google seems to be inclined to regulate its Panda Algorithms as in March 2012 as well they updated their algorithms for Panda with the deployment of “over-optimization penalty,” to make certain a level playing field for everyone.

Although Google is saying that I cannot have the update of Panda but I am going to make sure to confirm it and look for myself that whether much Softened Algorithm is on the go or not? I’ll let you guys know in case of Affirmative.