The best SEO tools

SEO tools are essential in online marketing of any business. If you need to attract greater traffic onto your website so that you can cash out most of that traffic by converting it into regular customers, then surely your most economic or in this case your free of cost choice must be SEO tools.

  1.  Find People on Plus
    A complete directory of Google+ serving greatly for the purpose of outreach, research and link building. Helps you do sorting according to keywords, Profession, country and more
  2. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML
    Google docs might be making rounds but Word still rules the world of typing. This tool makes once a tough task of Copy and pasting an easy one today.

  3. Caption Tube
    it is an efficient caption generating tool for YouTube videos. It helps users with a readable text and increases its usability too.

  4. Bing Webmaster Tools
    Carrying similarity with suit offered by Google in the form of Google Webmaster Tools, Bing also offers an interesting collection of research resources and tools for webmasters.

  5. Google Keyword Planner
    Many have ridiculed this replacement of Google’s popular keyword tool but still it has data to offer that can’t be found elsewhere.

  6. Google Public Data
    Having an access on huge public databases, Google Public Data is offering a great starting for those looking to do research on Content

  7.  Google Map maker
    Apart from lot of other service, map maker helps you to add up places and your own business details along with location that shall be made part of the Google Maps.

  8.  Google Trends
    This tool gives you a glimpse into the trends being followed by several industries and their respective keywords. It also gives a tentative and graphic data detailing out the keyword search popularity over time.

  9. Get Listed
    A local SEO tool that takes your scores of SEO visibility to a whole new level. It also provides you with tips to aspire for even more

  10.   Linkstant
    An ingenious tool that make sure to notify you whenever someone tries to link to your website. Highly efficient for the cause of outreach and intelligence gathering.

  11.  Pingdom 
    With Pingdom comes a whole range of speed tools that make analysis about load of traffic on page, connectivity issues and DNS related issues.

  12.   Rank Checker for Firefox
    A free, quick and easy tool for checking rankings of your website with single click on the desktop with light and easy tool characteristics.

  13.  Scraper for Chrome
    Now if you are in need of scarping but don’t know much about the magic of coding then don’t worry. Google has this easy and effective tool putting the power of simple web scrapping in your hands.

  14.   SEO Tools for Excel
    you might not have expertise in Excel but this SEO tool by Niel Bosma can surely help you in getting into gear through your Excel for SEO.