Sustaining your SEO with New Google Update

All SEO suffer from a serious hit in rankings and performance and I am damn sure that you are one of five stages of Google grief.

Google have really played a lot with its Algorithm a lot this summer, seven changes in total, hitting one group at one time and other on some other time with consistent public outcry and threads like “How to recover” exploding everywhere.

Everyone wants to remain steady no matter what spin off comes from Google comes through its Algorithm. Let us help you for that

Save up your URLs As 301 and canonicals are ready made gifts for SEOs, they can really carve out equity for you. It might be small but in modern times, even a small push up is enough after an Algorithm disaster.

Apple is smart enough to utilize this technique as every new release of ipad and ipod goes with an update as iphone/ or /ipad/; without creating any new URLs and just hobbling around old URL’s with New ones.

Unless you are facing a major re-structuring or architecture shifting, keep your URL’s the same. If you are doing an update or adding new features into the design of website then do it on the same URL

Doesn’t Focus on Ranking but your ranking Just take any example of industry and Google it. All main ranks would be carried by Brands. This is the new strategy of Search engines to help out the Brands instead of some lay company striving for simple Rankings. real company stuff is their first choice of favorism and you don’t even have to be a household name for that purpose. You can simply go on with following methods

  • Knowing and giving out what your customers actually want
  • Showing patronage for community involvement and sponsoring local events.
  • Free of Cost Content giving away.

Enhanced user Experience it is essential to give due respect and time for making your website more user friendly because it can do wonders for you. Google has an urge where it wants to popularize a site where a  site’s quality is more important than the number of links point to it. Webmasters can make certain a higher rank for their websites by just going easy on the user experience and making it more and more suitable for the users.

Google despite having a pushing habit for “High Quality” websites still it doesn’t actually defines what “Quality” stand for it but here is a check list of points that can make sure that you are in possession of a Quality Website.

  • User research.
  • User testing.
  • Split testing.
  • Conversion rate optimization.