Strategy for Paid Search

Retailers have earned a lot with attracting more and more traffic with the help of paid search items as it has multiplied their ROI. It is interesting to note here that Retailers spend the most on paid search than any other industry. Differencing it from usual brick-and-mortar retail is the enhanced factors of purchased cycle for consumer with extra to spend with price-transparency.

Now with swelling paid search budgets and cyber space being stuffed with cut throat competition brand equity must be maintained to attract more and more customers into buying then just to show.

There is a list of challenges in order to target a greater share of market according to equity of the retailer goods

  • Expectation of consumers A more real and closer insight is wanted by those consumers who put a query specifically about a certain Brand. They want an alignment of language and price according to their choice of keywords. Organic Links often put the priority rankings in another direction by ineffective messaging and high-value landing pages.
  • Engaging clients In case you are going to adopt a strategy regardless of keywords for branded searches along with generic messaging yield in a client who is least interested in your retail product no matter how high you are paying to get listed.
  • Competing in SERP the so called Real estate on SERP are limited to a maximum of 10-12 prime positions and every retailer want to acquire it but the important thing is that despite paying for such a spot you have to even work harder to make your placing even legitimate and lasting for a longer time at that real estate you need to focus on Brand clicks, look out for competitors strategy and fighting for survival.

After giving the building stones for your strategy, let us focus on the reality points of your strategy that should be maintained on all costs

1.      Put a bid for a position with maximum traffic prospects Top ad positions acquire 85% click rate as compared to ordinary searches and out of them 59% are made on first ads. It is as simple as that. You have to put a bid suitable enough both for the appropriate investment and for even much more efficient placing. If you want to increase your visibility, out wash your competitors whenever an auction occurs for some specific keywords so that you have the best place with brightest prospects of greater visits

2.      Attract more with expansion of Brand Keywords Working on a broader version and prospects of Brand key words being to you even a bigger audience helping you to outshine your competitors and helping you maintain an equity value of your choice for your brand. Specific landing pages must be assigned for specific keywords so that there is not a sudden landing on a page which actually carries detail of different brands but only the specific brand keyword that was point of query of your potentials customer.

3.      Integration of Ad extensions to boost Presence of Brand a specially tailored approach is MUST enhancing user experience and providing a duly required importance to the Brand name. These ad extensions, hence, help to top SERPs as compared to other competitive brands along with control of the position with a content which is highly pertinent.