Showing the Right Content to your Audience

Many of the online marketers go by the simple rule of showcasing content-any content- to their audience which can make them land eventually on their website. It can easily be put in this way that all marketers want is to be shown on highest rank possible without any consideration given to the type of query made by a user and type of results he gets on Google or any other search engine.

Shifting to a more Content related Landscape

With higher sophistication of online users, marketers are being forces to change their attitude about “any content” and start thinking about the real and meaningful content being shown to the targeted audience.

B2C buyers have long done biggest online buying and with new research conducted by CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council it is evident that B2B buyers are now doing the bulk of their own research online before actually making up their mind to buy certain product.

It is simply understable phenomenon that just a strategy targeted towards “Online Marketing” is of any use and marketers have to start thinking of the ideas that are really worth the rankings and the sales themselves. Yes! They should start looking for the RIGHT CONTENT.

Now this targeting or craving for RIGHT CONTENT is really not an easy task to achieve. But once it is decided then a sure query mapping can be done according to the content. To understand what is Right for the audience? Actually it is what they are looking for online and what you have to offer them in return

Let us take an example of home furnishing retailer who wants to showcase a page on query of “Bathroom design” carrying the information regarding information of pricing and purchasing

Now with a new strategy we write a content which is written under the feeling that online searcher is only looking for information and not for purchasing the product; at least not right now. Now content that can be shown might contain videos, Blog or some kind of online tool of design helping searcher to turn into a potential buyer.

Don’t just think about Target Ranking but target Audience

It is of common observance that marketers always try to top the Google search results but only if we start thinking with the prospective of searcher who comes online in search of relevant query, only then any marketer can gauge the methods with the help of which it can gain more and more audience and rank on the top search engine results. It gives higher links and even more shares.

So no matter how much experience you might yield in your marketing career, you must take a fresh outlook to convert searcher intent with your online content. Just in case you are not being bothered by this, you’ll be liable to higher bounce rate.