Search Market Share

comScore released search market shares estimates for August in US. In a nutshell it can be said that there is nothing much of importance and much of it is unchanged. Most figures are more are less the same as July with no movement of traffic shares among the websites with everyone occupying the same space as last month as you can see it for yourself.

search Search Market Share

year ago Google’s share of market search was something about 66.4% while Microsoft/Bing was holding 15.9% and Yahoo had a share of 12.8. Yahoo have given his share of search To MS for the sake of partnership while Google has grown up in matter of share that I used to handle.

Overall search volume has declined a tiny bit from July but actually queries have risen up to the level of 2 billion in aggregate. Both Google and Bing have swelled their share from last year but Yahoo has remained almost on the same position

search 2 Search Market Share

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told an audience at the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference that yahoo is raising up in all its profile properties including Search. Mayer claimed that 800milllion active users are an asset to his company with 350 million monthly mobile users and all these figures doesn’t include the numbers from Tumbler.