Risks of Responsive on Ranking

It’s part of our information that both Google and Bing prefer that you adapt more of a responsive design whenever you go through SEO for your site. But it is also needless to mention here that just jumping onto the idea because search engines have suggested it is really ridiculous.

Transferring from legacy website to an altogether responsive outlook might come up with some thinking. Once you are determined to go through a design changeover then you should plan over all your SEO tactics and deals according to the revamping that you are envisaging.

Now let us assume that you want to change the HTML structure to make this design change a real success then you must go through following point of actions in your mind


  • Page titles must never change
  • Content navigation remains the same
  • Meta data is also kept the same
  • Don’t alter your URLs and in case you change them you must also put some kind of redirects
  • Keep the same content
  • No change in the graphics and images
  • Checklist is thoroughly gone over for SEO for a redesign.

You shouldn’t go over the change with a basic shuffling to your site and only HTML and Design are something that should be your field of playing. In order to maintain the ranking you should NEVER do anything with the content, page graphics, URLs and navigation.

If all these steps are followed then your ranking and indexation in search engine shall remain the same without any potential hazards directed to your site. Testing is the key with any design revamp and so you also be careful in performing that to check for any left over.

Cross check your site after re-launch with 404, analytics and errors to make sure that you are safe after a design change.