Reviewing your SEO after being Penalized

With every new update of Google more and more SEOs and Website are penalized due to their non-alliance with the Guidelines of Google and result is sinking deep down in the ratings to the ultimate removal. Penguin has made much more penalized webmasters and SEOs then ever.

The List

There is a general pattern that can easily be diagnosed when you go through the sites penalized by our dear friend PENGUIN. I actually have made a list for you guys to look into them

  • Huge bulks of toxic links
  • Time period of the website being Online
  • Niche and its competitive nature
  • Revenue potential of the website
  • Type of severity carried by toxic links
  • Traffic received from other sources
  • Amount of investment made into website

It should always be kept in mind that not only the search engine traffic must be relied but indigenous sources of traffic must be formed otherwise you are liable to a huge slap from a cute named algorithm update.

Task of Rehabilitation

Once penalized, now the task is to revive back and make a new fresh. But it’s not as steady as it said. It includes removing toxic back links which is really a complex task to achieve. But no matter how much tricky it might seem it has to done. Let’s learn HOW?

  1. Obviously, Run a full Back link analysis
  2. Sort out the links that are toxic
  3. Make an estimate about the websites linking information
  4. Reach out to the website and, even beg if you have to, get those links removed.
  5.  Just in case you are not able to remove those links, disavow them.
  6. Make a document regarding links removed, contacted websites and link disavowal.
  7. Requesting Google for reconsideration
  8. Satisfy Google about your peaceful and “no naughtiness” attitude in future.

Now all this can take hours and hours of work with even no assurance of Google being satisfied but all it will not only be a lesson for future but also a start to a new beginning. So there is no under estimation and need is even greater with urge of rehabilitation for good then to be lost for good.

A Comparison of Quality and Quantity

Now there is an important question when reviewing your SEO with respect to penalty that you have earned. Was your niche really compatible? Answer is really important as it will decide that whether getting back your website is really that much important or you can make a new one as the type of headache for getting back website is very complex. Here is a list of factors that can make an SEO to crave for his original website

  • Website has several resources with a vast and substantial linking
  • It’s impossible for owner to let go of his site and he is determinant in getting back his website
  • There is still a significant amount of Traffic being received on the website making recovery eminent.