Reasons of your New feed getting Blocked, rejected or Flag by Google

Google expects it’s online kicked up merchants to understand the reasons that why did they got kicked but some way they never seem to realize the fact. There is also lack of useful communication regarding the reasons that why a typical data feed is being blocked, rejected or flagged by Google. Just in case you have also being penalized by Google then here is list of steps to identify the reasons for you

Google kicked you off?? If you were doing sales over PLA, Adwords or were doing remarketing through Google then you would be sending data feed through logging in to the Google Merchant Account.

Now Google has very strict and clearly defined limitations regarding content, Google Policies and Format which also makes up the number one reason for merchants being kicked on such a regular intervals.

  1. Were you following Guidelines by Google? What it contains and how does it looks like are the main causes that why some of the data feed gets rejected.  Your data feed should follow Google’s data feed specifications in terms of formatting and contents.
  2. Is your Feed containing restricted items? Google has made a list of restricted products on Google Shopping like gamble and illegal drugs about which no feed can be put on by any merchant. There is no second chance or something as “benefit of doubt” if the Google gets the faintest idea that your product belongs to the list.

Any data feed Errors  Just in case you have no guidelines error in your feed and if you aare still getting rejected or flagged by Google then you should check through your data feed for any further violations of rules. You can look through your Google merchant account login to detect for errors and optimization.

View your Google errors and suggested optimization’s by clicking on Data Quality Details under Data quality in the Google Merchant Center Dashboard:

google Reasons of your New feed getting Blocked, rejected or Flag by Google

Under data quality details, Google outlines existing data feed issues in your data feed, with some examples:

google 21 Reasons of your New feed getting Blocked, rejected or Flag by Google

Any critical errors here have the potential to have some or all of the products in your data feed disapproved or rejected.