Pursuing Social Celebrities for Personal Publicity

Social Networks have surely changed the way we interact with our community. Friends and family, Colleagues and Celebrities all have come to contact on a personal level in a virtual world. It has also created a trend of following some influential personality in order to get feed of either his opinion on a particular matter or just to get updates of his routine works.

Large brands have always craved upon hiring the services of such public figures in order to transform their need of a dedicated and loyal consumer base. It is easily visible through the brand ambassador phenomenon that makes an important share of strategy as well as budget of almost all marketing campaigns.

Marketing might have been shifted from real world to virtual world but most of the tactics are just like the same old days as in the case of roping in an influential figure for promoting your services.

But you just can’t select anyone with substantial following on social networking websites to pursue your marketing campaign. There is a whole strategy for making the right choice and that strategy mainly consist of following steps

1.     Identify your Celebrity Look for someone who holds solid base of followers and powerful voice in his industry. A person who is not just influential but is also carrying a typical sense of understanding about the dynamics of social media handling as well. You don’t want to waste your energies on someone who has thousands and thousands of follower but tweets only after 2 days. No Brand can furnish a support base for its products like a famous personality on social media can do.

2.     Develop tailored Content you must never forget the formula that “Content is king”. Attractive and unique content shall be able to attract your target celebrity and his followers as well. Your desired camping or pursuit for utilizing the services of that awesomizer on social networking is mainly based on how you present the idea that is to be popularized. Keep it catchy and keep it short and your content is destined to make marks of distinction.

3.     Syndicate Content Instead of posting content on your website or social networking account; assign this task to your social influencer to spill the beans out in the public. It shall surely divert more traffic and greater response for you. Use the star power of your sway master in order to bring more and more people to know about your deals and services

4.     Measure Results Now just utilizing services of a famous celebrity over the social networking or syndicating some awesome content off the edge is not enough. Measuring the results that your marketing campaign have brought out for you are also very important to be sorted out. Analytics and feedback received are to be thoroughly analyzed in order to gain the best out of your hired Star power and splendid content.

Work on these steps and formulate a strategy for online marketing that works for you and your envisaged business plan.