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After a recent settlement, Facebook “proposed” changes to its policy of data usage and statement of rights and responsibilities. Facebook published all those revisions tha are being made in their respective policies and they want their users to respond to them in matter of 6 days, now tih holiday weekend gone, the time left is not more than a day or two.

While the court settlement had Facebook agreeing to “provide greater disclosure and transparency as to when and how member’s names and profile pictures are re-published, and to give them additional control over those events,”

“As always, we will carefully consider your feedback before adopting any changes and we will post updates on the Site Governance page throughout the process,” Facebook said in its announcement.

Policy updates by Facebook include special attention for user’s information connected to ads and then changes in the language in two documents. The following excerpts are from the redlined documents at Facebook. The first screenshot clarifies how information is used in ads, stating users give permission to the social platform to use their “name, profile picture, content and information in connection with commercial, sponsored or related content.”

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Next portion clears out the third party information apps data and the kind of access that can be made to the data provided. It also made clear that even after removing an app, it shall be holding record that you have shared with it. App creator must be contacted directly to request them to delete the data.

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Facebook users made use of the opportunity to announce their reaction about the changes proposed by Facebook in the comment section of the announcement made on Facebook. Apparently it has aggrieved the users to higher extent which can easily be seen in the following snapshot

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