Outreach and Refreshing Content-An Essence of Link building

SEO companies base much of their strategy around Link building. Several methods are utilized for this strategy but it is accepted by many that techniques mist be refreshed in order to compete with the changing algorithm and opportunity offered by Search engines.

Content and Link building Google has special policy to support new links built with some content. Without a specific content involved, several links have been devalued by the Google giving rise to the Cliché “Content Is king”.

More and more Guest Posting, link bait and even Broken Links are being horded around the cyber space with an intention to go with above mentioned cliché but unfortunately many of the marketers even go wrong in this approach when they only put stress upon article marketing and not upon the content of the article. This poorly created content has created the chances that Google might go on rampage on thin guest opportunities.

Outreaching Efforts of outreach have highly been devalued after a mess of spammy and weak attempts of reaching to the webmasters. Only quality content can land you in the good books of a webmaster and if lucky can reach to different websites just because of higher quality of content.

In all this outreach frenzy, the part played by the one-on-one communication can’t be denied. Several SEOs go through the cold response of webmasters but this can seriously be avoided by just not looking to improve your own ratings but also of the concerned website with your quality content so that there is a situation called “Win-Win”

Success with custom-made Outreach

  • Common Ground It’s damn important that your devised course of action is just not the mere Link partnership with someone because of his website. You must look a common level of either services provided or at least common techniques of marketing. It creates a more intimate yet commercial relation enhancing your dealings in future.
  • Offer something “Worthy” Do you really have something that the other site is in need? May be they don’t want another repetitive post regarding the kind of company you are representing. It can easily be seen by Looking into the past post and you can compare their already Linked up partners and the kind of content they have posted.
  • Hit-but Don’t Hit hard You must be prepared for your strategy that you want to share and work on with your preferred webmaster or link sharing authority but just don’t go in a way where other person feels “Assaulted”. Roam around his post and tweets for some time and then put down few talking points.