Organic and paid reports from Google Adwords

Google adwords has launched a new report format for total traffic both from organic and paid search. It’s a first of its kind. Report can easily be accessed by dimension tab after linking your Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools accounts.

This report is depiction of success of the mantra that all possible resources must be utilized to maximize outreach and traffic as few of the marketers actually do that while most are more interested in the paid traffic that they receive. Two main reasons which make this report even much more valuable are

  1. Identification of Keywords These reports let you know that what kind of traffic is being received by each keyword and what is their primary source. We can differentiate between points where paid search is having higher share while organic search has least of traffic to share.
  2. Monitoring Co-exposure It provides listings for paid and organic displays. What is the appropriate mixture of keywords and position? Tests can be run upon the rank and impact of coverage and impacts made on market share, CTR and conversations.
    One of the main roles played by a search marketer is finding maximum value from all of search and not just squeezing every penny from PPC.


An additional feature of this report is that it makes it possible to visualize the overlapping of clicks received by prospective paid and organic traffic. One of the keywords like “fake shoes” was used with the h help of an inbuilt function that yielded search results in form shown below

adwords1 Organic and paid reports from Google Adwords

  • Both channels can’t be determined for maximum value of organic or paid search. When provided the opportunity of personalized information, with competitive set and universal search options. There might be generalized rules but nothing is absolute as it related to “right” strategy.
  • SEO traffic is still dominating over a high impression care or strong CTR in paid