Opportunities for Brands in new FB promotion policy

There was a time when Facebook didn’t allow Brands to hold competitions and do all kind of promotions only through Promotions. But with their new privacy policy they are allowing for brands to explore the prospects of promotion to a whole new level.

This gave a new sense of motivation to marketers and their prospective brand owners as they knew that this is going to be a ride with benefits long sorted. All this enthusiasm was shown on the social websites.

Such announcement made the marketers to cancel for early promotional apps and work was started to engage more and more audience through flexible and catchy timeline posts.

Surprising your Audience It is much faster to campaign about a typical brand with timeline postings and real time and direct promotions available. This gives them the opportunity to be impulsive. Now you can promote all your giveaways, seasonal offers right on the timeline of your fans.

Active Participation The new policy is much more effective as it doesn’t takes the fans and visors away from the page but keep them posted and informed about the new and old offers on the same place.

Extended Engagement and Reach Now you don’t have to worry about your new deals and offers as they are now going to be shown directly in the news feed of your fans. This gives you much more to look up to and creates wider audience.

facebook Opportunities for Brands in new FB promotion policy

 Increasing Fan Base Now although it is highly proportional to the kind of promotion and services a typical brand has to offer but still new promotion policy brings home a wider range of users through Primary source of audience i.e. social media.

Playing around with you User’s experince This even gives an upper hand to the brand to captilize on the kind of audience they want to host and even to the kind of content they want them to be shown along with video and visual promtions.