Not all Organic Traffic is generated by Google

Google have shown us all the news regarding secured ALL searches telling us that not all traffic received on the website is not by organic search. This has created much fuss in the webmaster world has they are now left with a proportion of website traffic that has no identified source.

Google might have been thinking that not providing the whole data regarding its queries would be enough and it’s better to manipulate the traffic being received on a specific scale. This has taken away the real tool of search query from the users and website owners.

This gives an incomplete infect vague idea regarding the picture drawn by the analytics being shown by the Google.

I like how skibum at WebmasterWorld summed it up:

So lets see. Google launches analytics and gets many (most companies) to hand over critical business data for free that would not in a million years have been given out to the largest supplier of traffic/sales for most companies unless it was at gunpoint. They also own one of the biggest ad networks to help fill in where analytics may not provide them with a complete view.

As a result Google knows more about (the online portion) of each individual business than the business owners probably do as well as the entire market in which said business operates.

Then Google takes away one of the best data sources for businesses to determine where their traffic and sales are coming from.

So now Google knows more about your business than you do and your insight into your business (as far as search traffic) is severely limited moving forward, though maybe a little less so if you hookup even more closely with this same company that claims to not be evil.

And now they’ve got you running around trying to get “bad links” removed that may actually be good in the sense that they send you business and/or leads. They may have other businesses taking up your time to remove links that you have to their sites as well.

Isn’t there something seriously wrong with this picture? If nothing else, it should be apparent that there is no such thing as “free” and the more complacent businesses are about all this the more knowledge and control they will continue to lose over their businesses.

It is true.

Now another thing that comes into head of a person is that how can adwords be the best service still now? By analytics has also been driving us nuts with its superficial out of the top. So we can say it convertibly that you are being mislead by Google. There are also raising questions about the legibility of the data provided.

Someone up there at Google needs to make a stand and either say we go all in, even with advertiser data or step back and don’t do this with everything but advertiser data.

Google did send Danny Sullivan a statement:

We want to provide SSL protection to as many users as we can, in as many regions as we can — we added non-signed-in Chrome omnibox searches earlier this year, and more recently other users who aren’t signed in. We’re going to continue expanding our use of SSL in our services because we believe it’s a good thing for users….

The motivation here is not to drive the ads side — it’s for our search users.

This should make every webmaster, marketer and SEO angry.

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