Managing Local Listing to Crush Competition

May last year, Google partnered with Ipsos OTX Media CT in order to get a sneak peek into the usage patterns of Smartphone. Study was exceptional revealing that 94% searched for local results and even resulted in 90% taking action. It is also interesting to write that 96% used phones for their desired products and services.

At the same time there was research carried on in the BrightLocal’s review regarding Local Consumer stating that 85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. Now these stats are typically interesting for those who work to attract more and more traffic for their local listings and local traffic.

With all this said lets form a strategy to attract the most audience for our local listing of business on a higher pedestal.


Citations are provided by various online directories which help the placement of your business in local search and even confirming its status putting down the idea that you are just another spamming agent like many. Being listed in such directories help search engines to verify your existence and matching of data profile and business profile with the information provided in the search engines and in the directories. This makes it highly important for you to have Name, Address and Phone listed and present for your business termed as NAP

Updating your Listing

NAP is actually enough for both your directory profile and search engine profile but many directories like Google+ local provide you with much more information tabs and categories in order to elaborate much more efficiently about your business, services or type of industry in which you work. You can give details like working hours, promotional videos, products and even a Logo

Topping SERP

SERP can only be topped by those pages about which Search engines know the most. Search engines don’t have a fixed standard about their topper but some obvious perceptions are the user experience, verifiable data, and least spamming, updating content on regular basis. Even back linking by directories can highly influence the listings of search engine.


Its highly likely that more and more audience shall be attracted to your page if you have your information updated all the time with fresh offers, detail of work carried out in your industry. Technically speaking, you are more visible when you are more optimized and have a nautral presence on the cyber space.

Now we have give you below a check list in order to ensure a successful management of your enterprise with an optimized local search engine presence.

  1. Don’t forget to design a page where a local landing can be achieved after a user sees you on Google or any other search engine.
  2. AT LEAST submit your data to 3 aggregators with paid agreements providing you validation for your existence.

Utilize Social networks with enlisting your landing URL on all these pages. An enhanced activity level on Social networks like Facbook, Google+ and Twitter can do wonders for you