Maintaining the Organic Traffic for E-commerce Sites

Organic Traffic is really of great concern especially e-commerce websites as they target the most of the website’s potential eyeballs which in turn result in greater sales. These Organic searches even tend to increase the number of new users destined towards these websites.

A point of concern for such sites and their marketers is that despite spending more and more money and enough energy these sites have really being showing a decline in their target audience with their Year-over-year (YoY) trends.

This article looks into SERP real estate, images and Product Listing ads have had their impact on YoY numbers and the necessary actions that must be taken in order to gain more out of the organic search and subsequent traffic.

Tracking in Good Old Days

There was a time when Tracking of your organic traffic used to be a simple science where an easy peek into the data gave the relative data bout the organic traffic but this have not been the simple case anymore.

The reason for loss of clarity and authenticity of such a website is actually lies with two reasons: 1) inappropriate categorization of Mobile Traffic and increasing % of “No query. This makes a huge difference among the attributed traffic and a rather “direct” traffic.

In a nutshell, the reporting Performa of traffic is highly under reporting making it even difficult to calibrate the real amount of traffic being received.

Planning the Strategy After going through the dilemma of under reported traffic, let us devise a strategy to extract more out of the potential market of E-commerce industry.

Think Strategically If you want to carry on with age old methods and techniques without any regard for lower traffic and ancient procedures that once were king of marketing strategies but today they are as good as dead. If you are deprived of head and torso then you should concentrate on the long-tail results to remain stable.
Long tail yields lesser competition along with stronger signals to attract more and more Traffic. Just in case you are still have a slower traffic then make sure that viewers turn into customers.

Bend strategies for tracking problems We might be drenched into a world of attribution but it must be kept in mind that
1. You can’t actually relay all the time upon your analytics system
2.  Interpretation and intuition are critical as all attribution system are biased in one way or another.
3. Adjustment according to your mobile traffic and no query is damn important as it is going to cause you more and more traffic update that you actually receive.


Calibrate and minimize Self destruction Rankings can’t really be of any use if your potential traffic is near the bottom due to organic results down playing. You can check for your page’s position for changing Algorithm by changing the terms of queries every now and then.
As many have noted, ranking first in both the organic and paid results sets up the reputation of a brand resulting in higher conversations of traffic into customers.