Link up of Google +1 and Search Engine Rankings

Dr. Matt Peters and MOZ data Science Team measured Linkup between the Google+1 and Higher Rankings in Search Engine. Curiously, the results were amazing.

After Page Authority, URL’s number of Google+1 is more highly Linked up with Search Engine Rankings than any other factor. It even beats out more conventional and successful relations like linking root domains, keyword usage and Facebook shares.

Google Pic 1 Link up of Google +1 and Search Engine Rankings

Rankings are even higher than the normal Facebook Activity as the Google+ platform provides higher opportunities for SEO then usual Facebook. It creates chances for SEO to gain higher rankings by sharing content more on Google+1 then any other social networking website.

It can easily be said that the brains behind Google +1 actually built it for SEO. Let us review all the working points that made Google +1 such an amazing tool for SEO.

  • Google +1 has built in semantic relevance for optimization.
  •  Post in Google +1 are indexed and crawled almost immediately.
  • Posts on Google pass equity of link easily.

Let’s put upon some bullet points to carve out the strategy for higher ranking on Search engine Rankings with the help of Google+

  1. Start making Contacts on Google +
  2. Your Online Content must have information regarding Google Authorship.
  3.  Connect your website with Google+ brand Page with the help of rel=”Publisher”
  4. Attract more and more natural Links by posting share-worthy content on Google +
  5. Relevant and Engaging information should be provided in your Google+ profile
  6. Don’t forget to “Public” your posts.
  7. Make sure that all Google+ “About” page carry links to relevant Profiles
  8. People must be able to add you to their Circles on Google+
  9. Relevant Social sharing Buttons must be part of your Profile to easily share your content

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