Link Building for Boring Industries

There is a common question among SEOs that isn’t some industries too BORING for Link Building.

There are success stories and tricks shared, written and read every minute but still every now and then, an SEO faces a situation where he is haunted by the question that what should he do to compete with other of his client website’s industry. But As I believe just like Beauty, Boring is only a perception of mind can be easily turned around with some basic techniques.

Every day, somewhere in his working field either in a cabin, or out in open or on his work station finds himself into a situation where he finds no remorse of solution to solve a particular problem and only the solution of these problems make the interesting success stories-the Human side of daily working details.

Now you basic hurdle to make one of such a story is that your understanding of the fact that your working industry for which you are providing SEO services is inherently Boring. Only be getting rid of this notion you can actually do something worthwhile.

Go through the Disruptive Website of Industry and LEARN

A website like that is the one who had broken a long held belief in the industry and went on to become a kind of liability in the field. Sink deep down into their details, their methods, their strategies and kind of response they receive.

Most of such industries have little assistance or legitimacy in their ranks because of the dangers associated with their existence and the only audience or response that they can receive is at best skeptical.

SurveyMonkey is such an example because it encourages the business companies to conduct their own researches instead of going through the accepted methods of market research companies. serves the purpose of disruptive example in the field of travel agencies as it offers accommodation out of the market. It’s hard for such sites to reach their Niche and building links. A simple link analysis can show the kind of niche and resources used by such sites which can be potentially explored for your own website.

Finding such websites isn’t much difficult. Just in case your client doesn’t provide you with such a list of companies or website you can conduct your own search. Fortunately the MIT Technology Review has published an excellent resource, “50 Disruptive Companies of 2013” – they also have 50 companies from 2012, 2011, and so on.


Sponge off of breaking News Stories 

Newsjacking, as David Merrman Scott calls it in his book of the same name, means that using breaking news to your own cause.

And just last week the UK media was buzzing with the story of how Oprah Winfrey was refused the opportunity to buy an expensive handbag from a store in Switzerland. According to Lyndon Antcliff who runs a newsjacking alert service at, this was a perfect story to be hijacked by a handbag retailer or manufacturer (disclosure: I’ve worked with Lyndon on a number of projects). According to Antcliff, there are some great handbag stories out there to be curated including, “I was handbagged by Mrs Thatcher” on the BBC.

 Use Google News Search and then improvise

Working in a boring industry like Air Filter then you might see few stories that aren’t even news really. But be patient and keep on track. You might come around an interview with a CEO of Air filters company as I came across during my working and in relatively boring interview there was an important statistic quoted as

“The air inside your car is 7 times more polluted than the air outside.”

Now as you can see it can surely become a famous tagline or working point for your SEO which otherwise you or even your client had no idea about. So every worthy and competent SEO will improvise a whole campaign with link building and worth content around this single line.