Larger Sites Outranking Smaller with Similar Content

Some time ago Seorountable posted a blog about Google collecting information about the ways which can be used to boost small sites that should rank better that are unique and potential websites .

Few days back a thread was posted in Google Webmaster Help where a small website owner was complaining that his own original content was being ranking higher on other sites rather then his own site. Apprently the content that he had posted on his website was also present on Yahoo automobile and it was ranked higher then on his own website. To cut a long story short, the person posting the post said that may be Google trusted bigger sites more than the smaller one. He was complaining that yahoo automobile with plagiarism was ranking at top while he was to be found nowhere in SERPs despite having higher rankings


He wrote:

Yahoo is #1, and me, the original content producer, is nowhere to be found; they’ve pushed me completely out of the search results!

Truth is, his site doesn’t even rank about the webmaster help thread for the store title. Truth is, he sold out his content to others and thus maybe shouldn’t rank above the places he sold his content to.

Google wants one source for the content, not a hundred. Google has to determine what to rank for the same piece of content.

On Top Contributor responded accurately saying:

So, it doesn’t mean a bigger site can steal content and the push the original out. You’d use the DMCA for that. What it does mean is that if you syndicate your content/let other people publish it, those sites can outrank your site for the same content. When Google sees duplicate content, it’ll pick which one it thinks best serves the searcher’s query.

You can learn more about duplicate content and how Google deals with it in their help section.

That being said, we will see how Google uses this and the other feedback to change things in the future.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.