Integrated Marketing and SEO-Working and Need

SEO services are making rounds all over the world with businesses and company all around the world making use of these services turning SEO industry into a millions of dollars competitively working to produce a place of higher visibility and greater sales for our customers. Some of the main features that mark this industry and techniques adopted by its members are

  • Key links
  • Strong technical foundation
  • Strategic use of keywords

Now SEO services doesn’t really goes on for higher place on Google anymore but SEO services are making a new bench mark by expanding its arms through different aspect of marketing in order to gain audience of greater magnitude making it possible for their clients a greater base of regular consumers.

An ideal SEO company looks to work with strategies like PR, social media, responsive designs, Local SEO, branding and Analytics. The list might go on and on but the idea to give a glance of strategies adopted has satisfactorily been achieved. So as you can see, marketing values and competition has grown manifold in recent years within SEO companies.

Now you have to make sure that you carry an understanding which is according to the functioning of not only your own business but also the business of your client. You have to make in depth studies about the trends settled within the client’s industry, the kind of market share that can be grasped, your strategy to grasp and successive follow up on regular intervals to gauge your performance regarding the success of your strategy.

marketing 1 Integrated Marketing and SEO Working and Need

Integrated Marketing

Now as the word suggests that it is integration of different marketing strategies and exercises into a single strategy. Main target is to achieve the essence of all the mixed up strategies so that you can utilize the best of all of them to add up to your results.

This helps you to expand your marketing campaign through range of medium and hence targeting maximum amount of audience in order to translate your marketing strategy into a success.

In order to understand the working and spending by a company are easily under stable by following statistics compiled by Gartner in 2012.

Companies in different industries spend an average 2.5% of their annual revenue on digital marketing.

marketing 2 Integrated Marketing and SEO Working and Need

Companies spend an average 25% of their total marketing budget on digital marketing and specifically, on these type of marketing activities:

marketing 3 Integrated Marketing and SEO Working and Need

As the image above demonstrates, companies spend, on average, 10.7% of their total digital marketing budget on search marketing

marketing 4 Integrated Marketing and SEO Working and Need

so with changing performance of the industry and subsequent demands of a client, it has become increasingly important for SEO companies in order to increase their expertise in different fields of marketing. Some of these filed in which an integrated strategy for marketing can be devised are

  • PR, Social Network and SEO
  • Offline Advertisement, Mobile and SEO
  • PPC, Branding, Content and SEO
  • Content, branding and SEO

So as you can see there is a lot of work and in turn subsequent expansion directed towards the field of SEO.