How Search Engines Work For SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, so if you are in any online business, or an affiliate marketer or just simply have a blog and want reader for that blog then you definitely need to know what search engine optimization is and how search engines work for SEO?

Search engine optimization is when someone searches for any particular product and your website comes up on top of search results for that particular phrase. Imagine how beneficial it will be for your website if you beat millions of search results and comes on top of the results. By getting top rankings you will get not only organic traffic that comes through search engines for free but also you can capture more potential leads for your business but also money will rolls in to your pocket. Feels fascinating? Right!

But how you can achieve top rankings and beat thousands or millions of pages that are your competitors, answer lies in SEO, but for better SEO you need to understand how search engine works for search engine optimization. Search engines are comprised of two main functions which are:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Presenting

This means first search engine bots crawl on your website and gets an image of all the related data which you have in your web pages, after that they sent it to their indexing software which analyze the crawled images and try to categorize the data according to their understanding, after that when some search a particular phrase then according to the category of that phrase, search engine displays the result from a specific category. So from specific category they represent pages in search results according to their relevancy, so more relevant pages comes at top and less relevant at next position and so on. This is how search engines work for SEO.

Need your web page to be at top of search engines? Well you can, only if you consider few factors which search engines measure to determine the relevancy of any web page, in brief the search engine relevancy factors are given below:

  • Web Page title is the most important place to place your targeted keyword
  • Web Page description Tag should be interesting so that people find it attractive in search results and click on your link
  • Content copy should have headings because H1 to H3 tags are considered most important in content copy, so try to use keyword as well as their variation in these heading tags.
  • Web Page content copy should have images, paragraphs, bullet points etc. so that people find it easy to read.
  • Ending paragraphs of your content copy should have call to action so that people do what you want them to do.

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