Higher Mobile Traffic but Small Conversions

Higher Mobile Traffic but Small Conversions

It is visible as bright daylight that mobile traffic on major websites and industry WebPages have increased a great deal. TO quote BrightEdge Mobile Share Report, it has been raised to the level of 125% from past year. But there is a sense of irony even in these statistics as even with a higher traffic these mobile websites haven’t b enable to generate sales of an equal level.

Statistics from BrightEdge even show the specific rise of sales and traffic in some industries as well. Those at the top of the charts are Software & technology, Real Estate and Financial sectors.

mobile pic 1 Higher Mobile Traffic but Small Conversions

But when talking about conversion rate, Smartphone are still out done by the Desktop sales with a huge of margin of 3times higher sales. But tablet users were generous enough to convert at an equal level to desktop generated sales.

mobile pic 2 Higher Mobile Traffic but Small Conversions

 ”Marketers have understood for a few years that they need mobile sites to take advantage of the explosion in mobile traffic, but many have existing sites that were not built for a smaller screen and do not take into account the user experience on mobile vs. desktop vs. tablet,” said Brad Mattick, BrightEdge’s VP of marketing. “Each device is unique in how consumers interact and engage, and marketing activities should reflect this. Leaders are taking the time to develop responsive web sites- our customer Microsoft for example has optimized their site for all device types and offers a fantastic targeted experience.”

BrightEdge proposes to the mobile sites to utilize the methods of mobile optimization in order to bridge the gap between high traffic and low sales conversion and for this they purpose fore mostly Google’s guidelines for mobile.

“Marketers need to a do better job at addressing the user experience on smart phones,” BrightEdge said in its report. “We also recommend paying close attention to common mistakes such as Smartphone-only 404s and featuring app download messages that may disrupt the user experience for visitors to that page.”

There is one important note worth mentioning here that media and entertainment sites have higher conversation rate versus desktop exceeding to 1.6x. Sites like travel and e-commerce even have higher conversation then desktop.

mobile pic 3 Higher Mobile Traffic but Small Conversions

BrightEdge said it found a “strong correlation between the presence of video and multi-media content and conversions.” And that “brands optimizing their sites for smart phones should seriously consider hosting video content,” ensuring they follow Google’s guidelines for video inclusion.

Full report can be accessed here.