High Quality Content is not necessarily Useful Content

You might have been believing that having the most authority content with superficial quality was your solution for a better marketing but that concept has gone sour as the news has came  to be related to the good old days when the content was called the king. Things are going to get more and nastier with the search bar and queries stuffed with inappropriate content if not low quality.


+Ryan Moulton a software engineer at Google since July 2006, who I believe works in search, was defending Google in a Hacker News thread and said:

MDN might be higher quality, better information, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more useful to everyone.

To put things in prospective, he was actually trying to outline the strategy being put forward by Google to the marketers. It seems that it is desired by Google that all marketers go on a rampage with a comprehensive plans. It may contain link building, content and authority reviews. For some websites MDN would be a hoax to work upon as they are new in the field and their best practice is only calculated by the overall performance of that website rather than SEO being pursued.

Ryan adds, “There’s a balance between popularity and quality that we try to be very careful with. Ranking isn’t entirely one or the other. It doesn’t help to give people a better page if they aren’t going to click on it anyways.”

He then gives an example:

Suppose you search for something like [pinched nerve ibuprofen]. The top two results currently are mayoclinic.com and answers.yahoo.com.

Almost anyone would agree that the mayoclinic result is higher quality. It’s written by professional physicians at a world renowned institution. However, getting the answer to your question requires reading a lot of text. You have to be comfortable with words like “Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,” which a lot of people aren’t. Half of people aren’t literate enough to read their prescription drug labels: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1831578/

The answer on yahoo answers is provided by “auntcookie84.” I have no idea who she is, whether she’s qualified to provide this information, or whether the information is correct. However, I have no trouble whatsoever reading what she wrote, regardless of how literate I am.