Hidden Features of Bing Ads

Marta Turek this week on Bing Ads blog mentioned a list of features that might have gone un noticed by many which are not being offered on Google Ads. As we know more time is spent on Google Ads then on Bing ads by PPC practitioners making it impossible for them to check out those differentiating feature by them.

Beyond Aggregated matrices there is zero visibility for Google Search partner in Adwrods. Here are features that Turek has to share with us.

  1. Bing ads offer targeting search partner at group level. This gives an enhanced level of visibility to the likely minded businesses.
  2. There is an extra feature to kick out any search partner from group level and campaign level.
  3. Bing gives you a chance to find reporting regarding your unique partner performance.
  4. Report regarding negative keyword conflict
  5. Control on targeted device.
  6. Quality Score reporting on different trends
  7. Ad group levels having choices of day parting, geographic and rotation setting.
  8. Campaign level Time zone settings.

Turek might have pointed out his own specific features that he came to know by comparison between the ads offered by tow search engines but I have my own version of features that are present in Bing but absent in Google. Bing Blog has the utility of guest posting as old as 2009. This has attracted more and more guest bloggers and even analytics guru with expertise like that of Avinash Kaushik  in 2011 and one from Matt Mierzewski and Jen Syverud from RKG in January of 2012 on dynamic search ads.