Guaranteeing Client that traffic Shall come

Guaranteeing Client that traffic Shall come

Now most of SEOs work with a huge thumb pressing upon their necks of their clients asking for more and more traffic directed to his websites. You might want to tell your client that this is not how the SEO works but most might not listen to it so now you have an obligation to explain and guarantee them you’ll prove to the services that you promised them to provide.

SEO is an investment requiring the investor to gain results on almost the quick time basis but as search share click distribution states that no major traffic up heal can be expected until the client websites starts showing up on the top search page. Sometimes our task is simplifies by simple optimization of an older website but most of the time we are not that much lucky hence we require to make them understand that traffic shall come and they really have to be patient for that.

You don’t have to forget that they are not the experts of your field and you always have an upper hand in your field so it’s your responsibility to make them understand the benefits and the slow process that brings those huge benefits.

Below is the simplest demo of the effect of SEO and methods through which you can make them understand this rise as well.

Traffic pic 1 Guaranteeing Client that traffic Shall come


  1. 1.      Summary Report and updates
    At times, a client is more than happy to receive a weekly update or call detailing out the type of work you have been performing and amount of progress their website is making on search engine rankings.But at times, just mailing them some interesting facts or making a call just so that to have a light conversation can really ease your work load and improve your relation with client. It carries a significance that can make a stronger future relation

    1. 2.      Sending Work Logs
      You might encounter times when client website might not be generating enough traffic and client shall come to know that how have you been working. Now that might turn a bit awkward if you just tell him that “We are working on it”. Just to get him off your back and trust your hard work, show him your work logs so that he can actually be assured that it’s just his website that you are worried and working for.
    2. 3.      Reports regarding improvement of Ranking and keywords
      Now these are surely the most needed tools to express your hardship and satisfy customer regarding the progress that your work is enabling its website to make. You send him weekly reports about improvement in ranking and keywords that are being purposed by him and worked upon by you.
    3. 4.      Reporting Metrics

Just in case you haven’t been able to generate much of traffic as in the start of the process of SEO, you might want to report other metrics that are essential in growth of traffic e.g. total tweets, fans, and total links contacts among the total Link goals, 1+ s, pages per site visited, conversion rate and subscribers.

  1. 5.      Show confirming Sources

Just in case, your client is still dubious about increase in traffic you can, as last resort, show them that sources like Search Engine WatchMozSearch Engine JournalGoogle, etc. confirm the notion that rankings are not achiever overnight and there is a whole scenario to be followed


I hope all these tips help them understand the way our field works and also to make a comfortable work experience for you as well with no client holding your back for explanations.