Google’s Warning to Ghost Networks

Few days Back, Matt Cutts tweeted that his target of recent working was “ghost-related puns for a spam network.”

Now it should be clear by now that they are working right now upon targeting even greater spam and link networks. It is even visible that Spamming is never out of the head of Mr. cutts and no wonder as it is his filed of work for past 10 years.

He was sarcastic in tone when he said “They try to look super natural, but using them will dampen your spirits.”

Now this can also be visible that Google might have launched yet another spam network target.

Now the quick heads at BlackHat Forums  were quick in showing response by saying that SPAE network links was now busted by Google at last. The person with strongest recommendation said that SAPE link network users and their increasing number of complaints might have caused the last nail in the coffin on the regard of the busted network spamming. They also mentioned being penalized by Google and even by the manual actions being taken by Webmaster tools accounts.

Webmaster wrote that

A lot of movement has been occurring around the forum regarding SAPE links.

Its no news that Google has been trying to shut SAPE down for some time now.

Has the time finally come? Is it time to move onto some underground link exchanges?

Then there is a quick reference to the tweet made by Cutts

Matt cutts pic Google’s Warning to Ghost Networks

After that various cited thread with complaints regarding SAPE. Although SAPE might be working for many webmasters till now but they went after SAPE before

Discussion can easily be viewed at BlackHat Forums  and Twitter.