Google’s new update around the corner

On September 4th, and last week, August 21st, there was a boiling topic among all the SEO and webmasters about Google search results showing drastic changes and shifts. All of them were complaining about a sudden change in their rankings among the Google search results. There were expositions with the help of snapshots showing the drops that several of SEO have witnessed in their organic traffic coming through Google via Analytics.

When asked to Google about an impending change in algorithm, only thing that they have to say was that “there was nothing to announce” leaving all of us in vague notion that whether it is an update or not.

But there are other methods also present which can monitor any sudden shift through their monitoring nature e.g.  Mozcast,SERPs.comSERP Metrics and Algoroo all showed volatility on August 21st.With all that Buzz around we have to wait for a day or two to see that whether you are really facing a change over once again by the hand of Google or not. As always Google is never obvious or clear about announcing any change in algorithm but the chatters and the shifts in rankings on 21 Aug and sep 4 are clear depictions of the fact that there must have been some kind of updating going around in the algorithm of Google.