Google’s Mobile revenue to go Up and Desktop revenues to fall by 2015

eMarketer have made a recent forecast regarding the future revenues that would be generated by Desktop and Mobile based on the trends of greater uses of Mobile and trends in which cyber space is being accessed by the internet users. According to current revenues details, eMarketer have claimed that 19% of US revenues of Google are made due to Mobile searches.

A small insight into the growth of Mobile traffic and revenues generated it can be seen by the fact that only two years ago mobile made up just 4.8% of total revenues generated by Google in US. According to close estimates and calculations, eMarketer have predicted that in two years time, by 2015, mobile revenues of US of Google would make 30% of total revenues. Another exciting prediction is that Google’s revenues from Desktop are going to drop by 47% in the same time.

It should also be mentioned that eMarketer have accounted even the tablets as the “Mobile” while Google mentions them as Desktop. Google Adwords campaigns raging with full zeal since this July have mentioned this grouping in their bidding process where tablet and desktop go in the same category. eMarketer have made not mention about this recent campaigning of Google in their analysis.

Expected growth of Google’s Mobile display revenue share is expected to raise higher then mobile search itself by 2015 but still the mobile search shall dominate the main share of mobile and revenues. It is estimated that 22.9% ad revenues from Google’s US revenues shall be generated by mobile channels

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