Google submits about mistake about Natural Links

Some time ago seorountable reported about a situation where Google set an opinion that a link to a site is unnatural and so such a site would be liable to penalty by Google. But actually calling such a link unnatural is unnatural.

After this post got published Eric Kuan from Google published a thread in Google Webmaster Help admitting that Google has made a mistake in stating such links as “unnatural”. Being a member of Google’s search Quality Team, Eric wrote in the thread


Thanks for your feedback on the example links sent to you in your reconsideration request. We’ll use your comments to improve the messaging and example links that we send.

If you believe that your site no longer violates Google Webmaster Guidelines, you can file a new reconsideration request, and we’ll re-evaluate your site for reconsideration.

Now is it as close at gets that Google has finally admitted to its mistake of committing a mistake. It has really opened a door for more SEOs and Webmasters and plead for their case and might open a Pandora box of why Google doesn’t work rightly or seems to be pain in a** for some.

Personally I am a bit surprised of this behavior of Google to come forward and submit to its mistake but no matter who curious that might look it is a nice change.