Google Ranking High as traffic Source for News Websites

Google Holds the market share of searches up to 65-70 % but its ranking as the source of traffic for major websites is even higher. Major news website like Reuters, Dallas Morning News and Mashable term Google as their leading traffic source unlike other major search engines. One thing is necessary to mention her is that all these websites utilize’s optimization platform.

In its first Authority Report has issued statistics regarding the type of traffic its hundreds of clients. Report focuses over the July 2013 period only and focuses on 160 million unique visitors generated by 5 billion pages. It should come with no specific surprise that the biggest source of all this tremendous traffic was Google.’s have assimilated all the variants of Google like Search, news, images, YouTube and Google+ and many more ranging to 200million+  page views by Google and in comparison to the 2nd ranked Facebook with 73 million page views

Google 1 Google Ranking High as traffic Source for News Websites

If we go through a separate analysis with respect to the search engines then the peaking of Google goes even higher. It has a huge lead with Yahoo’s 40 million and Bing’s 13 million views.

Google pic 2 Google Ranking High as traffic Source for News Websites

It can again be responded as being the reason of all the features of Google being utilized as compared to the single pronged effects of other services or brands. It can even be called a bit unjust when tumbler is not added with its total unique page views with those of yahoo although not much of a change or competition would have been possible even with added result to the authority of Google.