Google Maps Listing

Almost a month back, I received a call from Representative of Google from India belonging to Google Maps team in my Office. They wanted to confirm the address of our office on Google Maps. The Hung up the phone after getting thei required verifications. The problems started arising after a day or two.

After posting the issue on Google Business Help I was directed from one wrong place to another for a whole month.

To cut the long story of misery short, my address was changed from ROAD to WAY. Havocs caused were caused when our clients came out to search us by looking into Google Maps, getting lost and then filling complaints about the “Problem”.

I was Mislead by a Level 12 Non-Googler to wait out the problem until it settles for Good on its own. At least someone with saner head advised me to call Google Support over here and after doing that, my problem was solved within an hour.

So the Moral of the story is that, next time you have problem of listing at Google Maps, don’t act like “Super-Genius” like me and simply call for support

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