Google Defeated by Yahoo

Yahoo was able to remove Google from the position of top search engine for a US audience in July. comScore have published stats that show that 197 million unique visitors this July as compared to 192 million of Google. One point that must be kept in mind is that Mobile Visitors were excluded from this research

These might not be the most authentic figures but still they show that yahoo have witnessed a rise of 20% in its traffic in recent July as compared to last July. This makes it first time for yahoo to top scores on comScore’s list ever since it last made to that spot in May 2011.

An important note of caution of Yahoo is that Tumbler, which was bought by Yahoo to outnumber Google, hasn’t really performed according to expectation and holds a mere rank of 28 with 38 million visitors this July.

Speaking during the firm’s second quarter earnings call, Mayer said that increasing traffic was one of her main focuses since taking over at the company.

“Hire and retain a great team; build inspiring products that will attract users and increased traffic; that traffic will increase advertiser interest and ultimately translate to revenue,” she said. “People, then products, then traffic, then revenue.”

Sites Like Microsoft, Facebook and AOL respectively took the position of 3rd ,4th and 5th rank with an estimated traffic of 180 million, 142 million and 117 million unique visitors.