Getting Results from Link Building

Link Building might seem a tedious task with searching out of 100 “Webmasters”, looking out for their past record, sending best link and then a follow up. What if you can extract the results of best Link building with as most as 3 links?

It’s better to have as much links as much then zero links but having a large links require the right strategy. Let’s figure out some of the steps for such a strategy for useful Link building.

Stop Mass Emailing!!! Yes exclude this step out of your working routines otherwise your dream for higher results are gone. This approach of “we might not have met at all but can you Link to me?” is even ancient then the dinosaurs.

Link building pic 1 Getting Results from Link Building

Just in case you want to waste your energies and time on 3% success rate strategy then keep on wasting.


  • Sound Original-Act Natural Try to sound like your work and email is totally originally. You might be posting a template just like all other sites but don’t let HIM know that. Write it and produce all your correspondence in the form as it seems FRESH and ORGINAL. Nothing can work as successfully as the sense of Personal and individual touch. Be more specific rather than being more general.
  •  Make them POST your Link Now there is a rule for every business which even hold true to the our online and apparently impersonal connection on the internet that A personal linkup between the two parties can enhances their relation to a level unmatched to any other method. A personal effort arises when working with or for a person you have created a healthy bond outside the confines of working routines.
  • Create a personal Link before asking them for a Link Don’t just go to any of the Link person and ask him to do you the “Favor”, you both must have at least some knowhow of each other’s name and place of residence for starters. Then maybe you can ask about the idea about making a certain Blog post.
  • Headup before you actually ask the QUESTION As said in almost every point, don’t just jump over someone’s head for a Link. Curoisty can be key for arising interest in your proposal or product. So go with a strategy and expose it your idea with not just a Boom. Take a look at how Marketo stirred up interest before the Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing came out. A newer source or a big company can be your desire to be Linked up and just giving a heads up can stir up the interest of your partner for Linking up.