FAQ’s Regarding Authorship by Google

Just in case you are get a glimpse of the working of authorship Google Webmaster has posted on one of its main blog a few FAQ about your experience of Google authorship

No more MASCOTS Now if you were in habit of using Mascots for exposition of your user name then Google is no more interested in it, they want real people posting with their names making posts. In the words of Google, they prefer “to feature a human”.

Blocking authorship You are not interested in the Authorship and also want to safeguard yourself from your profile being used for Authorship then Google has provided a set of instructions for those who want to ban the feature of Authorship from their profile and those instructions can be read here

Qualification for Authorship What kind of pages can have authorship feature is decided by Google by an authentic writer, use of a byline and single article usage. It also emphasis on no compilation page of articles by the author

List of Products can’t be the reason for Authorship  Authorship is highly disregarded in the case you were thinking to use it for the listing of your products. No matter how hard you work for a customized content about one of your products but it is highly unacceptable to Google.

Use only one Google+ Profile Google doesn’t stands with you when you think that multiple Google+ profiles can be maintained in different languages to attract a much wider audience. They want you to chose one profile and keep your Authorship restricted to that one profile

Google only Allows one Author At the moment, Google really looks forward for one author posting a single piece and not that multiple authors posting same piece. They are still experimenting with the idea and want a real genesis before they go on with the idea of multiple authors.

Difference Between Authorship and Publication Just like ref=author tag there is another tag especially designated to publishers as ref=publisher which identifies publisher’s own content. This necessarily means that author and publisher can be two different persons with even different content or piece of writings.