Does Google favor sites they fund through Google Ventures?

a post by Jacob King made on Threadwatch Highlighted by Joe Hall exposes that the investment arm of Google, Google Ventures, has invested a great deal of money in the largest coupon sites on the internet, a website that originally tracks most of its organic traffic from the servers of Google. This goes without a doubt that website of RetailMeNot ranks at the top for almost every inquiry made on Google for a coupon and this reality can’t be denied.

King illustrates the involvement of Google Venture in the investment of the website.

This raises a question in the head of every SEO that how come a coupon site lie RetailMeNot is ranked so high on Google searches. Joe voiced the concerns of SEOs by asking

Does Google favor sites they fund through Google Ventures?

Google has history of punishing their own websites from time to time. If you ask my opinion, RetailMeNot like any other website is prone to individual demotion or algorithmic slapping despite the interest lying with it of Google venture and indirectly Google as well.

This is my honest opinion and I might be bullied for that in comment section. Even the investment Risk section of RetailMeNot accepts this

We depend on search engines for traffic. Changes to search engine algorithms or practices could adversely affect our ability to generate unpaid traffic, leading to lower revenues and/or increased traffic acquisition costs

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