Design revamps by Bing

Bing made two changes into its design makeovers this week. Firstly, in the Bing Video by streamlining it with redesign and secondly Bing News by making it more user friendly and putting an overlay that is more suitable to headlines and trending stories.

bing 11 Design revamps by Bing

For Videos, Bing have done a design renovation from scratch done over the preview in a four column grid,. Each cell contain preview, source of video, uploading time and obviously title of the video. Apart from major and usual sources like Vimeo and Youtube, Bing search results include videos from websites like MSN, Dailymotion, CBS, MTV and Hulu.

Further improved features include

  • Refined Video Overlay After a preview is being seen, click over the video to see the video over the lightbox on top of search results. They have also put upon carousal navigation to view videos from other sources as well.
  • Filters for Video Searches Just like filters for images, Bing has introduced filters for Videos as well like length, video source, resolution and posting date.
  • Hovering and Popping out previews You have used Bing for videos but now you can even control volume and even have the option to “Flag” videos.


bing 21 Design revamps by Bing

As said earlier, Bing news also got a changeover from the guys at Bing giving quicker access to those seeking information and news about headlines or a typical trending issue. This redesign include

  • Responsive design for all devices.
  • A revamped Trending Topics navigation.
  • A new Trending Now section.

With an emphasis on touch, the new design gives a proper layout for desktop, tablet, or phone users. Headlines were sparse with awkward navigation in the old, two-column design. The redesigned Bing News utilizes the full width of the viewport, serving up nearly a dozen headlines, each with their own description and image.

Trending topics appear under the headlines, again using Bing’s carousel layout. This layout contains wide images with a caption on a scrolling navigation.