Cross Linking Scheme – Google Matt Cutts Answer

Head of Google’s Web spam team Matt Cutts in form of video answer  to the question “If I have 20 domains, should I link them all together?”” posted a video in response.

To put the long story short his answer was a straight forward “NO”, that you shouldn’t link them. As stated at Search Engine Land in an article titled as Google’s Matt Cutts: Linking 20 Domains Together Likely A “Cross Linking Scheme”, the simple reason for such a Blunt NO can be that Google considers it to be cross-linking scheme-at least these are the word used by Matt in the video

It is clearly visible with Cutts that it’s an idea that is not well suited with his team and organization as well.

Cross linking is technique with the help of which rankings in Search engine can be brought to a higher mark. Search engines like Google might have greater respect for this technique as it links up only the relevant sites with even the related content giving a chance for a better ranking. But when it comes to linking 20 domains, it might not some an acceptable idea to the Spam Team of Google.

After watching the video and reading this article questions like “what about cross linking 15 sites or 10” might be asked. Those little muggers, who are asking these “insightful” questions, actually do this work for Higher Ranking. So no matter what I say you’ll do it and you also have the word of Head of Spam team the kind of reaction you’ll receive.

Most effective way of getting a legitimate Cross Linking which is acceptable to Google and can bring to you a higher search engine ranking include

  1. Related Themes
  2. Distinctive Content
  3.  Natural Orientation
  4. Anchor your text
  5. User Experience