Competing with Declining Organic results

There is no second opinion to the fact that Google has made search results messier with the passage of time. With ever new black and white animals making rounds in the algorithms, the capacity to capture most out of the organic traffic is decreasing. No matter what we do or how we do it, Google comes up with readymade “Solution” of thrashing the organic traffic. Be it the local results, YouTube videos or product ads.

A WebmasterWorld thread asks if you as an SEO and webmaster can survive the shrinking Google SERPs.

Greg Niland, aka goodroi, said in the thread:

Google keeps changing its serps. Google has more adwords advertisers today than it did 15 years ago so there are more ads taking up space. Google has also added local listings, images, videos, news headlines, shopping and other results to their search results. Many of these changes have resulted in less traffic flowing to the organic web results. Before you could rank #3 or #4 and still appear above the page fold. Now the #3 or #4 position can fall below the page fold.

Do you think webmasters can survive Google’s shrinking serps? Make sure to explain yourself.

Now we all hope so.

One of the webmaster shared his experience of changing his strategies and plans with mood swings of Google

Roger Monti, aka martinibuster wrote:

I have been altering my conception of what a website is by trying to think in terms of how a site can become a tool for people to use for accomplishing their goals, rather than a dead-end destination for visitors to do a limited set of activities.

Do you think you can adapt to survive or there is no hope?

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