Checklist to stand on top Ranking of Google

Sometime ago, about ten years, being placed on top search result of Google was not a big deal. All you needed was a to choose a domain, write some basic HTML codes, keyword research, some title tags and meta tags, write some 250-300 words and you were almost there.

But with current hoards of website around the Cyberspace, it has become more tough to be placed on that position with even Google relaying on factors of authenticity, user experience and foremost factor, quality yielding an environment where earlier techniques of reaching the top seems incent and useless today.

Let’s make a checklist for your journey to that top slot by optimizing your website according to the algorithm structure of Google.

  1.       Structuring your website The goal of our marketing strategy is not to apparently efficient but in depth a lousy scheme because you can’t gain anything out of it. Carve out a strategy around your keywords. Intent based structuring must be a key player in your website. Your expertises are easily sorted both by search engine and your users if the content of your services is detailed in different categories in a totally fresh and unique content.
  2.      Implementing Basics of Marketing No matter how fancy methods and destructive technologies are adapted, SEO is at heart a simple Marketing which is done particularly online for a website to attract more potential customers. So you MUST emphasize and work upon the basic needs and norms of Marketing. Make a research of your market, conduct segmentation of audience, set goals that might seem difficult but are not impossible.
  3.     Design your site for Different formats Modern day have seen a revolution in the ways in which you can even connect with cyber space. From smart phones to tablets to laptops, almost every IT device carries a specific coding for its own source of device. You must not focus only on regular desktop users and must also capitalize and design a website that supports all possible formats in order to increase the base of targeted audience of your services/website.
  4.    Creating a unique online Benchmark  people keep on talking about SEO being a dead end nowadays but any person really having an insight into the cyberspace knows that with ever increasing number of web pages, competition is going to be much more cut throat and only think that can help you through this competition is a three lettered word, SEO. Only thing which would be differentiating between a failed SEO and a successful SEO is the way he carves out his strategies. You should be able to put through your own signature in the field such that it has to be recognized no matter what update comes in face of you.
  5.  No Specific word count for Content There was a time when there was a specific amount of content that was written down but as good days of SEO are gone so are those days. Now the rules of thumb for content is just write enough that explains everything and not even a single word more than that. A lengthy content might make audience lose interest while a smaller leaves them clueless about the full information necessary.